Aaron Rodgers Killed Mike McCarthy

Belly Laughs With Andy Reid takes a weekly look at the weird and wonderful brains of NFL coaches, because whether they’re burying game balls or taking their timeouts home to make sweet love to them, they’re doing something fucking stupid.

Belly Laughs With Andy Reid: Week 13

I’m using a computer from another century to type this, which is fitting, because Mike McCarthy wasted Aaron Rodgers in an offence from decades ago.

Seriously, just because you look like the Michelin Man doesn’t mean you have to coach like your brain is made out of rubber.

Predictably, shortly after Green Bay fired McCarthy as head coach on Sunday reports started coming out that his QB Rodgers would regularly change the plays McCarthy was calling. While that’s bad form from the noted douche Rodgers, would anyone blame him for choosing to ignore and overrule a guy who simply sank deeper into his hoodie every time he lost?

Thought not.

Though it does raise the spectre of Aaron Rodgers being a coach killer. Every head coach he’s played under has been fired. Something to think about.

I know this is a different McCarthy and I don’t care.

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