Bill Belichick: The Dumbest Smart Man In America

Belly Laughs With Andy Reid takes a weekly look at the weird and wonderful brains of NFL coaches, because whether they’re burying game balls or taking their timeouts home to make sweet love to them, they’re doing something fucking stupid.

Belly Laughs With Andy Reid: Week 14

Smart people do stupid things.

Einstein married his cousin, some of the 17 million or so Brits who voted for Brexit had to be intelligent, and I once got a rock stuck up my nose. I was 23.

But they all pale in comparison to what football genius Bill Belichick did on Sunday.

In his infinite wisdom, the Patriots coach put tight-end Rob Gronkowski on defence for the Dolphins’ final play of the game, down five points, seven seconds left, with the ball at their own 31.

Yeah, didn’t go well.

Why, you may ask is a tight-end on the field here?

Perhaps to jump up and bat the Hail Mary down?

Nope, couldn’t be that, as the Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill was injured and unlikely to sling the rock 70-odd yards down the field.

Was he out there due to his extreme athletic ability?

Nope, seeing as Gronk’s been so devastated by injuries that he’s held together by tape, elbow braces and old pieces of gum.

Was it because the smartest man in every room he ever graced with his presence fucked up and had a brain fart?


As Pats fans, in Bill we trust. But after watching this ending at 4.15am on a work night, I was chanting in Bill we thrust off the edge of a cliff.


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